welcome to the links page! this page is a series of mildly-disorganised lists dedicated to "internet things I like enough to save here". please, take a look around!

I've tried my best to sort these into categories that make browsing them a little easier.

making art - webcomics - making websites - button collection - media - misc

making art

a handful of art resources I find helpful!

a family of websites full of photography of UK wildlife!! super useful reference websites
standard comic script
a template for writing/formatting comic scripts! it's an attempt at standardisation within comic-creation. the more I write in this format, the more I'm liking it! it's infinitely more readable than the way I'd been formatting my scripts before.
Stretch Routine for Artists and Animators
good stretch routine for artists - gotta remember to take care of your flesh vessel!!
The Only Perspective Grid You Need!
(clip studio assets) oh my god,, where has this perspective grid been all my life?? I'm in love. it's my hero.
my clip studio assets
a handful of custom brushes, image materials, gradients etc etc! check them out if you want.
really useful software for gathering reference images and making moodboards!!


webcomics! I read a lot of these, so figured I'd share a few favourites. I've tried to stick to comics that have their own sites over ones hosted on webtoon/tapas for now.

chilli the vampire opossum
a fun, colourful, and heartfelt comic about a vampire oppossum and her misadventures.
Comics Chronicle
a series of nonfiction comics about history, democracy, and social justice. they're very well-made, I reccomend giving them a read if the topics interest you!
a cute and uplifting slice-of-life comic!
blackout city
a sci-fi mystery comic! very action-packed, exciting, and heartfelt.
The Glass Scientists
a comic about a ragtag band of mad scientists trying their best to destigmatise rouge science! has a unique spin on jekyll&hyde and well as other classic lit.
I don't know how to describe this comic in words other than it's enchanting! a really lovely wlw fantasy comic.
Queer Comics Database
not strictly webcomics, but I've found a couple really good reads here!! would reccomend checking it out if you like queer comics :)

making websites

some tools and learning resources around making websites!

CSS Gradient
a site that makes setting up pretty css gradients nice and easy!
a web development learning/reference site.
MDN Web Docs
another web development learning/reference site.
Font Awesome
the icons I use on this site!
a useful image compression tool!
W3C RSS/atom feed validator
for when you write your RSS feed by hand and you're bad at it! seriously though, very helpful for when you've messed something up and don't know what you did wrong.
my favourite web browser!
a one-page website, and the inspiration for sorting my lists of links the way that I have currently.

button collection

a collection of buttons linking to sites I enjoy!


media I like! mostly podcasts and webseries.

honestly I enjoy most of Drawfee's stuff, but their Drawtectives series is one of my favourites! a found family solves mysteries with silly drawings.
NIGHTMARE TIME (season 1, season 2)
horror-comedy anthologies by Team Starkid! some are musical, others not. set in the tiny town of Hatchetfield, where strange eldritch horrors lurk.
Welcome to Night Vale
my favourite podcast! a soothing (fictional) radio show from the strange little town of Nightvale.
The Magnus Archives
a horror podcast, in the form of "statements" made by victims of various horror-entities. my tolerance for horror is very low, I am very easily spooked. but this show was so good it had me hooked the whole way through. pay attention to the content warnings, and you should be fine.
Murray Mysteries
a modern retelling of Dracula that I really enjoyed!
Maintenence Phase
a non-fiction podcast that runs through a lot of "wellness" advice/science with a fine-tooth comb. (a lot of this "science" is fueled by anti-fat bias, rather than, you know. actual care for people's wellbeing? it's FASCINATING, and also Quite Upsetting.)
a non-fiction podcast where smart people talk about things they're passionate about.


un-categorised other stuff :)
my favourite markdown editor!
Answer in Progress
an educational youtube channel that I really like. their videos are friendly and approachable and I learn something new from each one.
the wizard maze
get lost in a uquiz wizard maze. 11/10 would get lost here again.
The Wiltshire Moonrakers
a reading of a classic folktale from my county!
a really neat site documenting medieval bestiaries! there's a lot of medieval antisemitism in medieval bestiaries, so just be aware of that going in.
I really enjoy his music + the design of his site! it feels very cosy.
snail scrawl (download link)
the font I use for most my comics! it's also used for the headings on this site. I made it myself, and you're welcome to use it if you'd like. this font is licensed under a CC BY 4.0 license.

my buttons

these are my lil 88x31 buttons, if you'd like to link to this site on your own!