about me

hello hello! I'm snail legs, a digital artist and comics creator from the UK!
art and storytelling are my main interests, but I am a man of many hobbies. this site is hand-coded for example!

my pronouns are he/him

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  • 12.09.2021
    - new comic! heart of the sea, made as part of a "selkie september" art challenge- 2 pages a week till the end of the month.
  • 25.08.2021
    - lil bit more work on the blog page layout
    - god this site is horrible to use on mobile, tried implementing some small tweaks to make it a little less terrible
  • 22.08.2021
    - comics: removed the scrap pile, added a page for chapter 2 of factory town!
    - artwork: added some new art! :D
    - finished setting up a template for blog posts! ramblings incoming!
  • 14.07.2021
    - live2D nav link hidden for time being
    - very sneakily changed the font size
    - no more splash page :-(
    - there's gonna be a blog! started setting up for it,,
  • 30.06.2021
    - re-organised the comics page a bit :-)
  • 29.06.2021
    - added icons as a commission type!
    - new about image!
  • 28.06.2021
    - uploaded some scrapped projects to the scrap pile! kinda itching to revisit some of them now. I can see where I wanted to take them, what stories I wanted to tell, and I kiinda wanna see if I could actually pull them off now??
  • 26.06.2021
    - updated styling! introduced a new font for headings + links, changed the nav bar, changed the background,, idk if I'll keep all these changes but I like them enough for now!
    - made small tweaks to overall layout of the site
    - finally uploaded alll my completed comics & zines
  • 19.06.2021
    - updated artwork page
    - started updating the comics page + uploading comics!!
  • 25.05.2021
    - added a cute lil favicon!!
  • 24.05.2021
    - updated comms page!
    - started adding art to the artwork page
    - updated comics page with all complete comics & zines I've made to date!
    - figured out audio tag for the music page,, gotta style it next!!
    - made a couple of smaller misc. tweaks
  • 20.05.2021
    - updated landing/enter page!
    - freshened up the colour pallete a bit :-)
  • 19.05.2021
    - made and added my logo!
    - applied layout changes to comics, artwork, live2D, music, and commission info pages
    - started adding content to live2D page
  • 18.05.2021
    - continued working on page layout, made a more "proper" mockup to work from,, started adding content to about page + making things look nicer :->
    - added comics, artwork, live2D, music, and commission info pages (empty)
    - started to fill out the commission info page (TOS, order form & contact details) & music
    - worked on making things more mobile-friendly (need to apply changes to other pages)
  • 17.05.2021
    - started working on current iteration of the site! basic page layout, minimal css