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about me

Hello, and welcome to my website! I go by snail-legs (he/him), and I'm a digital artist and comics creator!

I consider this place to be my home on the web, and you'll mostly find my comics & zines here, as well as some assorted other bits.

I'm currently working on:

contact me

My main preferred method of contact would be via email! So if you feel so inclined, feel free to write to me at

However, I realise you may prefer to contact me through different platforms, so below I have included a list of other places you can find me below. @snail-legs
For PDF downloads of my comics and zines!
ko-fi @snaillegs
My tip-jar, and online storefront. You can commission me here, or order print copies of some of my comics and zines. @snaillegs
Having a lot of fun on here! Sheezy reminds me a lot of oldschool DA, it's been super nice, love the community vibe.
bluesky @snail-legs
I try to post my art on here when I have the spoons to write image descriptions (the quality of which varies wildly).
cohost @snail-legs
Mostly a lurker on this page! It's cosy, I like it.