writing, perfectionism, and comics

up till just recently I hated writing. it terrified me.
but I've finally started to reach a point where writing isn't so bad, and I'm actively enjoying it!

so I wanted to talk about that here, and how I got there.

1. perfectionism (ew)

perfectionism is the feeling of walking on eggshells, an unhealthy tension between your art and the idea of it. it can make you feel afraid to create anything at all for fear that the art will be bad!

I always found that I struggle with perfectionism more when I'm writing than when I'm drawing.

I think it probably came from the two years of english classes where nothing I wrote was ever good enough for my teacher. my work wasn't bad! but I internalised the idea that it was. It made it really hard to write anything.

my answer to perfectionism is that my work will never live up to the abstract idea of what it could be, and that's ok. it's ok to make bad art. it's ok to take shortcuts.

lower your standards a bit: you have to make bad art to make good art. it's ok to look at a work and say "good enough" and move on. "it's a hot mess, but it's my hot mess, and I'm proud of it", you know?

as long as I'm enjoying the process, that's what matters.

2. self indulgence, making something for yourself

your target audience should be you! you don't need to worry about making something that has mass-appeal. it's not worth it. just make something that you enjoy.

especially with comic writing! it doesn't need to be fancy, it just needs to convey the story. you and maybe a select few other people are the only people who ever need to see your script, everyone else just sees the finished pages.

like. my writing style is incredibly blunt, but it doesn't matter because I can rely on my art to describe things to the readers for me.

I try to keep my scripts simple because for me, they're more of a utility than anything else. they help me set up pacing, story structure, dialogue, and action before I ever put stylus to tablet to draw.

3. the more you write, the easier it gets

I think you just have to write a lot too, to start feeling more confident in your work. as you learn about and refine your process, things get easier. that's where I am now, I think. I'm finding my process.

and I'm having a fun time doing it.

thanks for reading! ♪(´▽`)