design history of the site


I'm pretty pleased with how my main 2023 design held up! I don't think I'll ever make a design that I'll be happy with forever, but the design with the sidebar lasted almost a full year I think? Which is pretty damn good going. I definitely liked the light mode version more than the dark mode one; it might have lasted a bit longer if I was a light mode user...

Oh yeah- it's probably worth mentioning that this was the year that I learnt about CSS variables and prefers-color-scheme media queries!

I'm really hoping my end-of-year redesign will hold up through at least February 2024, but only time will tell! I feel it has a distinctly wintery vibe, but maybe a simple retheme will be enough to carry it through spring?


The year I stopped using bootstrap and started to understand flexbox... I also was putting a little more thought into document flow. I believe this is also the year I started stepping away from javascript and eventually font awesome? I wanted to be able to stand on my own two feet as a webdesigner, writing cleaner code from scratch than I'd been able to while using other people's css frameworks.

Looking back on it, I'm not really a fan of the gradient bg version compared to the other two. That was something I did becuase I wasn't ready to let go of the layout but it was starting to get a little stale to me... No wonder it didn't last long.


I did not understand how flexbox worked and was relying very heavily on bootstrap and it shows!! This coincided with a period where I was regularly streaming (mainly comic work and minecraft, as a vtuber), so of course the styling had to be pink and cutesy to match the design of the streams. I had rediscovered the colour pink. It's a good colour.


There were earlier attempts at webdesign, but sadly I can't find archives of them :(

I still quite like the final design I settled on in 2020, but don't look too closely... The mis-aligned header and nav will drive you up the wall. The green one is interesting too, for the fact that I settled on a very similar layout in 2022!