new years resolutions 2022

I figure I should write these down so as not to forget them, so my resolutions for the next year are going to live here :-)

these are meant to be small-ish changes to how I personally go about doing things, and in theory should be fairly achievable for me.

1. less spotify

I want to slowly wean myself off spotify this year. I listen to a lot of music, and would like to support the artists I listen to more directly!

so essentially this just means buying digital downloads of music I like and loading them into a music player! nice and easy, it'll probably just take time to build up a collection of music.

a part of me is tempted to try and code my own music player... I haven't programmed anything since GCSE computer science and I do miss it! this is probably a silly idea.

2. slow down

I want to start practicing more "slow" principles. I'm hoping it'll help ease some anxiety. I'll probably still struggle to do things like sending emails, but it's a start?

for me I think the main things I wanna focus on are:

I feel like that looks like a lot of goals, but they all work together nicely.

happy new year!