nanowrimo 2021

so I've decided to give NaNoWriMo a go this year! I don't super enjoy writing prose, so I'll be aiming to write a 90-page comic script instead of a novel, as suggested in this blog post by Jim Zub!

this page will be used to track my progress! I'll try to update it at least once for every week in November :-)

currently: working on draft #2

the project - sketching sunflowers

sketching sunflowers will follow Emery, a freshly-revived zombie, as they search for the mysterious necromancer they now owe their life to.

ultimately, it'll be a story about art and mental health and finding/creating a meaning in life.

thursday, 02.12.2021

whelp! I nearly got my second draft done but idk. at the moment writing feels a little bit like slamming my head against my desk.

just a couple more scenes to draft out before I move on to a more detailed script eventually though!

November is well and truly over but I'm pleased to have made progress on this project, even if that progress isn't a finished script!

a sidenote but I feel like I'm slowly going insane,, I wanna draw comics, but turns out I have to write them first?? messed up, dude.

I think I need to get out of the house more, but there isn't really much to do/see in my hometown...

maybe I'll go on a daytrip somewhere and do some studies or something? idk.

wednesday, 17.11.2021

making progress at a rapid speed now! it still feels pretty slow but I mean. progress is progress, y'know?

I'm on draft #2 now, wherein I set out roughly what happens on each page... This is mostly where I try to figure out pacing. I'll be writing these pages panel by panel before I know it!

monday, 15.11.2021

so I may or may not have gotten a little bit sidetracked... I went to thoughtbubble last weekend and wanted to have a physical comic to take with me! so I made one, neglecting my nano project in the process..

regardless of that, the project has a working title now! I'm calling it "sketching sunflowers"

I haven't made very much progress, but I'm about 1146 words in as of writing this blog post! my schedule for this week is pretty clear so I'm hoping to do some serious catch-up >:-)

monday, 01.11.2021

it begins!! I've started on my scene breakdown, and I think it's going well so far?

I'm also trying to pin down answers to important questions, like why Emery was brought back from the dead in the first place.

I think it would create the most conflict if they were brought back for no particular reason? like, they were just the most convinent body to experiment on... a spot of not-so-ethical necromancy.

anyways, I think that's me done for today! I'm about 600 words into my detailed outline/first draft, hopefully I'll finish it sometime in the next few days