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19.01.2021 work

so! I got a full-time job as a games artist!! :D

I started Monday last week and it's been great so far! I don't have much leftover art energy for personal work but I think I'm fine with that actually. I need to learn how to rest anyways.

but yeahh, comic/personal art is gonna slow down a fair bit! can't say much about the game I'm working on because NDA, but it's a real fun project :-)

18.01.2021 cat

a baby:

a photo of a sleepy tuxedo cat (his name is henry), one paw outstretched towards the camera. he has a little pink nose and looks very content.
09.01.2021 1 month on T!

I wake up every morning and apply my t gel, shirtless in the bathroom mirror. and in the process of slowly, slowly, becoming, I learn to like my body a little more.

02.01.2021 python

ok ok so I touched on it in the changelog, but today I woke up and went "hmm. let's get rid of the javascript on my comic pages."

but the trouble with this is that the HTML alternative is to create individual .html files for each page of each comic. and I have a lot of comics on this site- factory town alone has 57 pages!! I did not want to edit all these by hand.

luckily for me, I remembered that I know Python! so I decided some automation was in order.

I haven't programmed anything in like at least two years though?

it took a little trial and error, but in the end I came up with a script that looped through all of the comic images and created a HTML page for each one, adding the correct first/prev/next/last links and other info into a template file using .replace()

it's not perfect and I still had to edit some things manually, but it definately saved some time and was much more entertaining than writing all the .html files by hand would've been.

anyways now I wanna program some more because I'd forgotten how fun it is!!

31.12.2021 RIFT

and for my last drawing of the year, I present to you some more character concept art for the graphic novel I started writing by accident!

I'm still writing it! it's going well. yesterday I worked on fleshing out the characters a bit more, and they all have names now :-)

I've also been putting a lil more thought into each character's background and some of the worldbuilding.

I'll make a proper page for this story at some point, but for now I'll most likely just be sharing bits of concept art here and there.

27.12.2021 xmas2021

we had a traditional Belizean christmas dinner this year (chimole for spice-lovers and wonton soup for me) and man. why we've been eating turkey roast all these years when the family recipes are so much tastier I have no idea,,

happy holidays to people who celebrate!

13.12.2021 knitting

I knitted a cardigan!* I'm super happy with it, though the tension is a little uneven in places.

*I did not make the cardigan in one day, I made it over a couple months! I think I started it in October? also I haven't blocked it yet

also today is my second day on T, feels good, feels good :-)

10.12.2021 RIFT

so I may have accidentally started writing a graphic novel... here is some concept art.

long story summarised, I was going through old sketchbooks the other day and discovered some old OCs I'd forgotten about:

( there were a couple more sketches of them, but these are the main spreads )

this sketchbook is from 2019-2020, and I have no idea who these characters were, only the name of the story they were attatched to: RIFT.

I thought they were kinda neat though, so I started writing about them. and also redesigned them a bit. and now we're here,,

07.12.2021 HRT

I've been officially prescribed Testosterone!! Puberty 2, I'm coming for you.

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