making friends with my printer!

so a while back my dad gave me a laser printer he got from work when they were switching from HP to canon printers!

it's an older model, but perfectly functional after replacing the cartridges and giving it a bit of a clean.

the only problem is that this particular model of printer seems to print dark colours REALLY dark, like. almost black. so it's really difficult to get colours to come out right, especially as I'm used to drawing in RGB.

but I really want to be able to start printing zines and minicomics on it! so today I set out on a quest to befriend my printer.

I started by trying (and failing) to troubleshoot online - apparently the extra-dark colours are a known issue with this model, and there's no real fix.

so at that point I started experimenting with colour profiles, and eventually managed to set both my printer and clip studio paint to "CMYK : AGFA : Swoop Standard".

this made clip studio display my colours MUCH closer to how they look when printed, so I'm counting it as a win!

from there, I proceeded to test just a whole bunch of colours for how they look printed!

a photo of several test prints consisting of colourful blobs and doodles

now I have a colour set in clip studio with a couple of my favourites. this way, if I wanna do a project that I intend to print from home, I can pick colours I know look nice on my printer!

a screenshot of a colour set in clip studio paint

me and my printer are friends now :-)


a quick update! I recently decorated my printer with a buncha stickers, so am putting a picture here.

a photo of a little grey laser printer, decorated with colourful stickers

stickers from: webcomic name, BUUZA!!, The Epic Life Adventure of Connor

I did also manage to print a minicomic on it, back in November - it's in black and white, but I still had troubles with the artwork printing too dark in places! I got there in the end though.

here's a spread from the comic!

a photo of First Flight, a minicomic I made in November!