memories from the beginning of time

2024 - 8 pages - complete - PDF download


The snail-legs logo in white on a black background, above text reading "a comic by snail-legs". The logo is glowing and surrounded by swirly lines and stars.

A small 8-page window into Phi's life; the creation of her world, and how her obsession with it led her to become {fatally lost}. How her friends and colleages tried to snap her out of it.

I hope you enjoy this minicomic! It's essentially a world-building exercise that spiralled very, very out of control; a creation story for the fictional world I'm building up around my ocs.

It started out so simple, yet ended up being some of the densest comic art I've made, oops... There are dragons. If that entices anyone. I promise you I drew them really cool!!