pricing & examples

character art icons

an icon of you or your oc!
turnaround time of around 2 weeks.
500 x 500 pixels
ToS & order form


icon - £12

character art coloured sketch

a coloured sketch of your oc!
turnaround time of around 2 weeks.
ToS & order form


headshot - £5
halfbody - £10
fullbody - £15

terms of service

by ordering a commission from me, you automatically agree to abide by these terms of service.

general terms
  1. I reserve the right to decline any commission, and will notify you if this is the case.
  2. I will aim to provide the finished artwork within the specified timeframe, and will notify you if for any reason I need more time.
  1. unless otherwise specified, these commissions are for personal use only.
  2. you may repost the commissioned artwork to other sites as long as long as you credit me as the artist.
  3. my art is not to be used for NFTs under any circumstances.
payment & refunds
  1. I accept payment through paypal invoices in GBP.
  2. payment should be sent upfront, after I've sent you an invoice.
  3. I don't accept refunds or cancellations once I've started working.

order form & contact details

when you're ready to order, please fill in the form linked below!

character art order form

if you're looking to order something not listed on the form or have any questions, feel free to shoot me a message via any of the platforms listed below!