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heart of the sea

a short comic made for selkie september! about a selkie woman cast ashore.
content warning: non-sexual nudity

2 pages, ongoing, 2021

factory town #1

a pair of rebellious dreamers attempt to escape the factory they were raised in.

30 pages, 2019-2021

factory town #2

a pair of escaped dreamers must now learn to live their own lives.

7 pages, ongoing, 2021

halloween hijinx

24-hour comic from 2020! some halloween fluff~

24 pages, 2020

mandrake mischief

24-hour comic from 2019! gardening gone wrong

24 pages, 2019


"how to make zines" zine

a zine about making zines that I drew for college!

8 pages, 2021

hourly comics day 2021

my hourlies from 2021's hourly comic day! a day in the life of a games art student in lockdown :-)

18 panels, 2021

power saving mode

a zine about how periods suck, but you can get through it if you're kind to yourself!

6 pages, 2020

his wish

a zine I made to come out to my family as trans

content warning: eye strain

6 pages, 2019